What we believe

God desires his people to live together as a loving community, to pray and eat together, to share belongings and to encourage each other in life’s struggle (Heb 5:11-6:6, 1Cor 11:17-33, Acts 2:42-47). The overarching name we give to this lifestyle is Christianity. Christianity is about living our lives in a vibrant, dynamic and genuine relationship with God, and much of this life occurs within a Church.

At Bentley Baptist Church we strive to live our lives in relationship with God and with each other. We celebrate communion monthly, and practice believer’s baptism. We know we are far from perfect, yet we come together, love each other and do the best we can to show that love and unity to those who live around us and abroad.

We believe in the Triune, or “three-in-one” God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These three beings are, in and of themselves, unique yet they live in rich fellowship and community together (John 1:14, 10:30, 16:5-16, Heb 1:1-3).

This Triune fellowship created the earth and all of its inhabitants in order to share their life (Gen 1-2, Eph 1:3-6). Sin has affected our relationship with God leaving us unable to see God in all of his glory, love and holiness (Gen 3:7-24, Col 1:21).

The Father sent the Son Jesus into our world in the power of the Spirit (John 1:1-18) to free us from sin, (Rom 5:12-21, 2Cor 5:14-16) and in resurrection to join us eternally with God (Rom 6:3-14, Gal 3:26-4:7, Col 1:22-23).

Salvation is a free gift offered to humanity; however God has not forced himself on men and women. We have the choice to reject salvation and live apart from God (Heb 3:7-19, 2Tim 1:10).

The Bible serves as our foundation for every aspect of Christian living — at work and play; in friendships; marriage and parenthood. The Bible offers us a glimpse of God’s heart towards his creation.

Thank you for taking the time to understand some of our core beliefs. If you would like to know more about being a Christian, check here:  Following Jesus, or feel free to contact us directly.