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You will have heard something of the devastating violence being played out in Myanmar and particularly against the Karen people. What we are hearing on the news tells only part of the story. The people of BCWA’s Myanmar and Karen churches are hearing stories of what is actually happening firsthand as they have contact with family and friends in Myanmar. It appears that upwards of 12,000 people have taken shelter in the jungle in Karen state. The jungle is cold, people are wounded, frightened, hungry and in danger of being shot on sight.

Please be in earnest prayer over the situation, asking for God’s divine intervention and for human compassion. Please pray too for the pastors and leaders of our local Karen churches as they lead their congregations through this heartbreaking time and for the churches and leaders within Myanmar.

The Asia Pacific Baptist Federation and other Christian groups are looking at ways to assist with emergency help for the displaced, medical assistance for the injured and with subsistence support for those directly affected by the ongoing crisis.

The Asia Pacific Baptist Federation Facebook page is being updated daily as information comes to hand along with prayer items each day for you to pray together with other believers.

Source: Baptist Churches of WA