Welcome to Bentley Baptist Church!

Bentley Baptist is a church where people are more important than programs.

We value community, friendship and openness with one another as we journey through life with God. Our ambition is to reach out into the community, showing God’s love in both action and word. Our congregation comprises people from a wide variety of ages and nationalities.

Everyone is unique, as are our spiritual journeys, and we respect and value diversity in the ways we worship, pray and minister to each other and to the wider community. We long to create a place where God can meet us in the person of Jesus, in the Spirit and in the will of the Father – a space where God can “Shepherd his own people” (John 10:1-21).

We base our theology and understanding of God on our personal relationship with Jesus and on our reading of the Bible as inspired by the Holy Spirit.

We maintain our links with Baptist Churches of Western Australia, and further information can be found here: Baptist Churches of WA