Mark 6.7-30
How to Thrive in Mission When Your Head is Chopped Off

Go In Community

  • New Testament mission is never a solo affair
  • Who are you on mission with?

Smash a Demon

  • In Jesus we have authority to set people free

Travel Light

  • Being unencumbered keeps us nimble and trusting God

Accept Hospitality

  • Building relationships helps identify people of peace and take relationships from casual to meaningful to spiritual to discovering Jesus

Don't Sweat Rejection

  • We don't have to wipe our feet of people but do go where the fish are biting

Expect Opposition

  • This story is sandwiched between Jesus rejection at Nazareth and John the Baptist's decapitation to 

Preach the Gospel

  • The disciples preached and ministered the way they'd seen Jesus do it

See the Fruit

  • The disciples obeyed Jesus and had great stories to tell

Discussion Questions

  • Reading:
    • Re-read the passage in a couple of different translations
    • Retell the passage in your own words 
    • Is there anything you don’t understand?
  • Discussing: 
    • What do you see in the passage?
    • What does the passage tell us about God and people?
    • What stops you being more missional?
    • What do you think would help you become more bold in sharing your faith?
    • Is there someone you could move your relational dial with? (Casual -> Meaningful -> Spiritual -> Discovery)
  • Responding:
    • What is God saying to you?
    • What are you going to do as a result?
    • Who are you going to tell?