Mark 6.30-44
Jesus is the Good Shepherd Who Feeds us the Word

Jesus so Busy He Doesn’t Have Time to Eat

Jesus Takes the Disciples Into the Wilderness Like a New Israel

  • The Israelites wandered in the wilderness for 40 years
  • God promised the exiles would return through a wilderness (Jer 31)
  • The Wildneress is a place of physical depravation but spiritual provision
  • The Wilderness is not a destination but a way home

Jesus is the Good Shepherd Who Feeds Us the Word

  • Eze 34 God said he would shepherd the flock and raise up a servant
  • Jesus shepherds them with the truth of God's Word
  • We can anchor ourselves in Christ and invite others to do the same
  • This is discipleship: following the way, works and words of Jesus
  • Christ is the end of our journey and our place of rest

Jesus Tells the Disciples to do the Impossible

Jesus Feeds the People In the Wilderness Like God Did Israel

  • God provided Manna in the desert
  • Jesus' blessing the food anticipates the Last Supper

The Disciples Found Nourishment in Jesus

  • 12 baskets for the 12 tribes of Israel - a New Israel
  • Enough for the 12 disciples
  • They didn't get a break but the did get nourishment

Discussion Questions

  • Reading:
    • Re-read the passage in a couple of different translations
    • Retell the passage in your own words 
    • Is there anything you don’t understand?
  • Discussing: 
    • What do you see? 
    • What does this tell us about God?
    • What does this tell us about people?
    • Is there a seemingly impossible task you face?
  • Responding:
    • How can you rest in Christ?
    • What is God saying to you?
    • What are you going to do as a result?
    • Who are you going to tell?