Isa 42.1-9

Should We Reach Beyond Our Shores?

  • Some people think we should take care of our own 'backyard' with the gospel before going overseas
  • This passage was fulfilled in Jesus

People Still Need Christ's Justice

  • 'Justice' appears 3 times in vv. 1-4
    • Justice to the nations
    • Justice to the weak
    • Justice on the earth
  • Paul, Philemon and Onesimus the runaway slave
  • Early Christians rescuing abondone babies
  • Empowerment of aboriginal activists
  • Justice still needs to be taken to the world

Blind Eyes Still Need Opening

  • The light is the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, Jesus
  • England 6% practicing Christians
  • Christians persecuted in many places
  • We are Christ's torch bearers
  • We should not impose our beliefs but we do hold up the light

Prisoners Still Need Releasing

  • People are trapped in dungeons of poverty, abuse, addiction, despair, false religion, poor mental health.
  • Richard Wurmbrand, Brother Yun, experienced joy despite imprisonment and torture

People Still Worship False Gods

  • We don't worship God because he needs us but because we need him
  • Western Idols
    • Money
    • Self
    • Sex
  • False worship leads to injustice
  • The path to life is hearts aligned with God

How We Can Engage with Missions?

  • Pray for the lost, our church's mission, our kingdom partners
  • Give (by faith!)
  • Go! 

Discussion Questions

  • Reading:
    • Re-read the passage in a couple of different translations
    • Retell the passage in your own words 
    • Is there anything you don’t understand?
  • Discussing: 
    • What do you see? 
    • Do you think missions is important? Why?
    • How can you support missions?
  • Responding:
    • What is God saying to you?
    • What are you going to do as a result?
    • Who are you going to tell?