Luke 10.1-12

Pray for Harvesters

  • People may be anti-religion but they're still spiritually hungry

We are the Answer to our Prayer!

  • We may be afraid to go. Jesus said he is sending out like sheep among wolves.
  • There will be setbacks, but also wins. How can we see more wins?

Find People of Peace

  • Evangelists want to tell everyone but most of us aren't evangelists
  • People of peace are receptive to us
  • Often (not always) rooted in relationships: home, work, community

People of Peace Like You

  • vv.6, 8
  • There is peace in the relationship

People of peace listen to you

  • If they don't listen, is it because they're hard hearted or we're abrasive and foolish!?
  • If it's them, Matthew 7.6: don't toss your pearls before pigs

A Person of Peace Serves You

  • v.8

Pray for Your People of Peace!

  • Pray for them
  • Invite them to read the Bible, an event, etc.

Discussion Questions

  • Reading:
    • Re-read the passage in a couple of different translations
    • Retell the passage in your own words 
    • Is there anything you don’t understand?
  • Discussing: 
    • What do you see? 
    • What does this tell us about God?
    • What does this tell us about people?
  • Responding:
    • What is God saying to you?
    • What are you going to do as a result?
    • Who are you going to tell?