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(I'm back from holidays and resuming our look at this year's Discipleship Survey)

While our discipleship survey emphasised a few key discipleship practices, through the centuries Christians have developed numerous spiritual disciplines to help us in our growth. The survey asked respondents about a few other practices.

In the 'Other Spiritual Practices' category, worship had the highest engagement, by far. In fact, this had the highest participation apart from giving (which is both fascinating and poignant). 54% of respondents said they worship alone or with family regularly, and a further 30% said they do so occasionally. We didn't ask what forms of worship people follow. No doubt listening to worship music would rate highly. Whatever the form, it's wonderful to see such a high engagement with God through this practice.

Just under 40% journal sometimes or regularly. Journalling can include practicing gratitude, sorting out your inner thoughts, written prayer, or making notes on devotional Bible reading. All very valuable practices.

We asked if people prayed in tongues or fasted and in both cases, 16% of respondents indicated they do, although more people pray in tongues regularly than fast regularly. Not surprising!

Most of the miscellaneous responses were for practices we surveyed elsewhere, although two stand out. One was reading Christian literature (theology, biographies and Christian living), and the other was saying grace at meals. One deep, one simple, and both valuable. Simple rituals like prayer before a meal honour God and help shape our lives around spiritual rythms.

Is there something there that you're prompted to add to your repertoire of spiritual practices?