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‘Who Dares Wins’ is the motto of the SAS. It’s apt for many aspects of life. Who dares wins on the stock market. Who dares wins in love. Jesus challenged his disciples with a ‘who dares wins’ message as well. Who dares wins in the kingdom of God. 

To rise up to a ‘who dares wins’ challenge you have to believe in the cause you’re taking the dare for because the motto is not a guarantee. Soldiers die, stock markets crash, love is spurned. In the Kingdom of God, disciples suffer hardships and setbacks. We need a bigger picture of the cause than any personal gain or loss we may experience. In the Kingdom of God the win is not material gain or any gain in this life, it is eternal gain in Jesus Christ. This takes an element of faith.

This March we are inviting our church to dare to give by faith in our Kingdom Builders faith offering. There is nothing in it for us apart from the pleasure of knowing that together we have made a difference in the Kingdom. Nothing material, that is, for where faith is activated there is always a win.

To give by faith is to invite God to do something incredible. It’s an opportunity to see God at work. It’s a chance to wage war on idol of consumerism as we give money to the Kingdom. Remember those jaw-dropping testimonies about people who live by faith and amazing, inexplicable things happen? It’s a chance to be that story.

Who will dare?