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One of the findings from our Disciples Survey was that the vast majority of respondents give regularly or when they can. We didn't ask how much you give! But nearly 73% you give regularly and another 14.5% give when you can. This correlates closely to planned giving, with 68.5% saying you have a plan, 16.7% saying you give when you can, and a 13% not having a plan.

Chart on giving at BBC

When it comes to spiritual practices, regularity is more important than quantity and I think this is especially so in regard to giving. Giving is an act of worship and I have found that as my spiritual life expands, so does my giving. Yes, income does have a part to play (we are called to be wise stewards), but faith also plays a part.

That said, there was no discernable correlation between giving and other spiritual practices. Perhaps a larger survey group would reveal more.

Nevertheless, 'The Lord loves a cheerful giver' (2Cor 9.7). When we give out of delight in the Lord and for his mission, it makes God happy!